Landscape Gardening Project – West Moors

We cleared the entire front garden of all plants and turf and put in a layer of new top soil to bring the garden up to level and provide a base upon which to either lay new turn if they ever decided to have a lawn again or a bed ready for planting.

This was covered with weed membrane to prevent weeds and shoots from coming through. A circular area in the middle of the garden was left open for planting a palm tree and the perimeter was bordered with a triple course of charcoal coloured blocks with one, short side expanded and left open so a border of small shrubs could be planted.

We also added a close board fence for better privacy and separation from the adjoining gardens.

The Finished Landscape

Once our work was done the front garden did look rather sparse and empty with a layer of white stone chippings covering the front garden. However, it was what we were instructed to do and the addition of a palm tree to the centre circle would add some life to the scene. Some colour would also be added by new shrubs being planted in the border section.