Landscape Gardening Project – Ringwood

Our client at this property in Ringwood was having a custom summer house built at the end of the garden and wanted an area of decking in front of it. They also wanted a new pathway leading to the summer house and decking built and new turf laid on the lawn area of the garden.

The Finished Garden Design

As you can see from the photos, there was a very large area of turf to be laid which we did after building the pathway to give us access to the lawn. Once that was complete, we began work on the decking while the summer house was being finished and it all came together very nicely to be completed at the same time. Our client could then happily add their sun loungers to the decking area and enjoy the new summer house and garden!

Which Lawn Turf To Choose

When it comes to choosing turf you might think it’s just a matter of which colour. Turf specifications always include detailed description of the colour and, despite some subtle colour variations between the different lawn grass species, grass is just green. Everybody wants their new turf to grow in to a healthy, lush sward of thick green grass but achieving this has very little to do with the colour.

Choosing turf is all about the environment. It’s all about your own garden environment and how you intend to use your lawn. Match your turf to these criteria and you will have a lovely green lawn.