Landscape Gardening Project – Merley

The rear garden for this client’s property presented us with the challenge of laying a patio with not only numerous right angles around an extension and built in barbecue but also running the entire length of a plant bed/retaining wall which was built to a long, sweeping curve. However, Kaleidoscape Landscaping loves a challenge and we never shy away from one so we started the process of preparing the ground.

The Finished Patio

We chose a slate grey, natural stone slab for the patio which contrasted perfectly with the colour of the house and sat majestically between the plant bed/retaining wall and garden. The random design with which the slabs were laid helped to break up what would have been a relatively uninteresting block pattern for such a large area if we had used square slabs.

Each slab along the curve was precisely cut by hand to maintain the parallel distance from the wall for a smooth, flowing appearance and allow for some decorative, coloured, slate chippings to be put in for a border.

The work also included the slabs to be laid as a pathway along the side of the house to the driveway

Our client was extremely pleased with the finished patio and praised us highly for doing such a skillful job.

Natural Stone Patio & Paving Slabs

Natural stone has been the first choice for creating patios and paved areas for a long time and many examples of these areas still exist today. Even now, with many other man made options available, natural products are still a very popular choice for patios and pathways.