Landscape Gardening Project – Christchurch

Our brief was to construct a semi-circular patio area with step to access the garden via patio doors and a secondary, rectangular patio area to provide level ground for garden furniture to the rear of the house and back door. The natural stone slabs were placed in a random layout and bordered with red bricks.

Choices For Patios

Patios can be laid using a variety of materials. Concrete slabs are often made to recreate the natural stone look but are disadvantaged by weathering much quicker and losing their colour. Natural stone slabs have a number of advantages over their concrete counterparts. They are more durable, do not fade or discolour, are unique in every detail and can be easily shaped to suit any pattern. They are also currently cheaper than most concrete slabs. Many of our customers choose natural stone over concrete. Slabs can be cut to size where necessary and also come in a number of kits including circles, stars and features.

Which Patio Style Would You Choose?

To choose from the vast range of styles and materials we can build your patio from