West Moors Landscape Gardening Project

Landscape Gardening Project – West Moors

We cleared the entire front garden of all plants and turf and put in a layer of new top soil to bring the garden up to level and provide a base upon which to either lay new turn if they ever decided to have a lawn again or a bed ready for planting.

This was covered with weed membrane to prevent weeds and shoots from coming through. A circular area in the middle of the garden was left open for planting a palm tree and the perimeter was bordered with a triple course of charcoal coloured blocks with one, short side expanded and left open so a border of small shrubs could be planted.

We also added a close board fence for better privacy and separation from the adjoining gardens.

The Finished Landscape

Once our work was done the front garden did look rather sparse and empty with a layer of white stone chippings covering the front garden. However, it was what we were instructed to do and the addition of a palm tree to the centre circle would add some life to the scene. Some colour would also be added by new shrubs being planted in the border section.


Mudeford Landscape Gardening Project

Landscape Gardening Project – Mudeford

The project for this property in Mudeford required a full garden redesign. The lawn was bisected by an old concrete path and dying shrubs and bushes were encroaching into the lawn area causing excessive maintenance issues. On one side the garden wall had become so overgrown with ivy it was obscuring light into the house.

Our remit was to provide a low maintenance, easily managed garden with lawn, patio area, pathway to garage and perennial plants which would not grow too big and require minimal attention. We also needed to replace a wall towards the end of the garden which had been damaged by a fallen tree.

We commenced work by clearing the ground completely and ascertaining levels for the lawn and patio and digging the trench for the foundation of the new wall.

The Finished Garden Design

We maximised the lawn area by making it a large rectangle and having a path to one side running adjacent to the new and existing wall. The other side was left with a border just big enough for small perennials to be planted and filled with decorative pebbles.

The patio area spanned the entire width of the garden behind the house from wall to wall and was big enough for outdoor furniture and barbecue area to entertain guests. We used natural stone slabs laid in a random design at the client’s request which was continued seamlessly into the pathway leading to the garage at the end of the garden. Potted plants were placed on the patio area to decorate the bare wall exposed by removing the old bushes and shrubs.

A separating, trellis screen fence was placed at the end of the lawn with a gate to provide some security and privacy from the cul-de-sac the other side of the garage. Once the garage was built, we returned to lay a block paved driveway from road level up to the entrance to the garage.

Our client was extremely pleased with the finished garden design and appreciated how little would have to be done to maintain it.

Natural Stone Patio & Paving Slabs

Natural stone has been the first choice for creating patios and paved areas for a long time and many examples of these areas still exist today. Even now, with many other man made options available, natural products are still a very popular choice for patios and pathways.


Ferndown Landscaping Gardening Project

Landscape Gardening Project – Ferndown

This project was for a very large, rear garden that required a fence for the entire rear border of the property and new, durable garden lawn which needed a hardy turf. The garden fence and laying new turf for the lawn was just the first stage of this project

Phase II

Our client had an extension built which left the level to the garden via an old concrete patio area too low. The whole side of the extension and around to the main house had to be brought up to level after removing the concrete patio and old paving slab pathway. This was replaced with a natural stone patio area with a step to allow easy access to the extension. The new, sweeping patio led to large planting boxes made from railway sleepers which also acted as a retaining wall.

Planting beds constructed from sleepers were also installed parallel to the rear fence, once the new turf had properly rooted. Each plant bed section was tiered to accommodate the slope of the garden.

Future Project Work

Our client has also instructed us to commence work on the block paving for the driveway. This will involve taking up and salvaging as many of the blocks as possible and then the surface will be covered with stone and compacted to create a solid base to keep the driveway even and level throughout. This will prevent the the blocks sinking and causing problems.