West Moors Landscape Gardening Project

Landscape Gardening Project – West Moors

We cleared the entire front garden of all plants and turf and put in a layer of new top soil to bring the garden up to level and provide a base upon which to either lay new turn if they ever decided to have a lawn again or a bed ready for planting.

This was covered with weed membrane to prevent weeds and shoots from coming through. A circular area in the middle of the garden was left open for planting a palm tree and the perimeter was bordered with a triple course of charcoal coloured blocks with one, short side expanded and left open so a border of small shrubs could be planted.

We also added a close board fence for better privacy and separation from the adjoining gardens.

The Finished Landscape

Once our work was done the front garden did look rather sparse and empty with a layer of white stone chippings covering the front garden. However, it was what we were instructed to do and the addition of a palm tree to the centre circle would add some life to the scene. Some colour would also be added by new shrubs being planted in the border section.


Landscape Gardening Poole

Landscape Gardening Project – Poole

This project in Poole was enormous and encompassed almost every aspect of our landscaping services. The entire grounds of the property required garden design with hard and soft landscaping including a huge patio which continued to the side and front of the house for a triple aspect patio/paving area. New turf for full back garden lawn with a border to accommodate existing trees and filled with decorative stone over a weed membrane. We also had to lay heavy duty, armoured cable under the border for spot lights to be installed.

The existing tarmac driveway was taken up, leveled and block paved. The front lawn was to follow an arc design and also be laid with new turf. The front door paving area was made more accessible with a step built up to the porch. Steps from the drive to the front garden pathway were laid with natural stone slabs and so were the two steps at the wide side of the house.

The narrow side of the house was leveled with stone and then covered with decorative, green slate and a new fence was constructed to prevent access to the rear of the property from the narrow side.

There was a large garden shed to move so the slabs could be laid and then replaced once they were finished. Scaffold poles come in handy as shed rollers and with the proper application of brute force we managed to move it effectively so the slabs could be laid.

Before any work could commence in the back garden we had to remove a tree and a fish pond and then the task of clearing and preparing the ground could get underway. We also cleaned the moss from the roof tiles of the wooden garage and painted the boards silver to be complementary with the colour of the natural stone slabs and the decorative slate.

The Completed Garden Design

As you can ascertain from the photos, the completed garden design is vastly different from the original state of affairs. We worked our way from the back of the grounds and inched slowly forward, crafting the new design of the landscape.

The double cobble border was set in place first to mark the border for the lawn and patio/paved areas and served as a barrier to hold the decorative slate in place. Twenty tonnes of fresh top soil was hauled into place and rotavated and raked evenly over the back garden for the 86 square metres of premium turf to be rolled out for the new lawn.

The natural stone slabs were laid in a random design and continued throughout the side of the house and along the front as a pathway to the front driveway.

The turf for the front lawn went down, the driveway was block paved, the narrow side of the house was filled with green slate and blocked off at the end, steps were completed and, last but not least, the slabs were pointed. Pointing an area that big was such a pleasant job!!!