This can include: digging, shifting, drainage, retaining walls and tiers, and turfing.

Sometimes before we can start to rebuild your garden, we will need to carry out drainage or ground works. This work is essential in building you the perfect garden. At Kaleidoscape Landscaping, we are not scared of hard work - we don't turn down a job because we cant get a digger in.

We can build retaining walls and tiers. These come down to personal preference and budget. You may need planning consent depending on what you are retaining. The most common ways of retaining are walls (made from block, or sleepers) or tiers - a series of tiers sometimes looks better depending on the look you desire.

We can lay turf and we only use good quality top grade lawn turf (beware of cheaper alternatives) like everything else the hard bit is in the preparation (once laid, you will need to water for a period until the grass has taken root).


Leveling or Terracing both come under the title ground works, terraces can be a great way of leveling a sloping garden, giving you a bigger more usable space, this kind of work usually involves or needs some drainage.


We have experience of many drain types, from linked to mains to rubble soak-aways we will advise you and can deliver whatever is required.


Very often we cant get access to a site with machinery, over the years we have built a great team often able to do the same work by hand as the digger without the mess. we will where we can use machinery to keep the costs down, bringing in specific plant when and where needed.


The joy of turfing is the instant garden. A brown mess turns very quickly green and looks finished in a matter of a few hours. We lay two grades of turf, economy and premier, and will advise on which to use. Seeding is another way of finishing your new garden, all be it a little slower.

Landscaping Services Ground Works Poole Bournemouth Dorset

Landscaping Services Ground Works Poole Bournemouth Dorset

Landscaping Services Ground Works Poole Bournemouth Dorset