There are a large variety of water features available today. They range from the modern stainless steel types to natural stone monoliths, mill-stones, pebble types etc. All have an underlying sump and pump which is covered over by gravel or stones making it completely safe for children. We also install ponds to suit your needs. These may be at ground level and built using a variety of materials.

If your home is your haven, a pond might be just what your garden is waiting for. Fish and aquatic plants are a delight and add a whole new aspect to the landscape. Research and care should be taken in the planning of this outdoor water feature.


Garden pools (without plants or fish) still present many possibilities. Reflecting pools create a place of calm respite and attract local wildlife.

Placing a fountain in it can add another dimension. The materials used, the size and the placement of pools create many different moods.


Fountains are sure to make a big splash (pun intended!). The sound of water is a soothing addition to any home and can conceal unwanted noise from nearby streets or motorways. Traditional fountains could be the perfect addition to a courtyard garden, but fountains these days aren’t limited to that style. Modern patio fountains are sure to make a statement.

Garden Water Features Poole Bournemouth Dorset

Garden Water Features Poole Bournemouth Dorset