We can build decking in all shapes and sizes. We can add steps, ramps and balustrades so the finished product exceeds your expectations. It’s worth thinking about what you want the deck for and how you will use it.

There are many deck products available to the designer. Soft or hard wood, plastic or non slip and there are pros and cons to each which we would be happy to discuss with you.

Whatever you decide as your finish to get a long and trouble free life from your deck the design and build quality need to be perfect. The frame work, the part you don't see, that holds your boards has to be built properly using the correct materials and built to a design specification using a pressure treated framing material to extend its life.

We can build your deck on one or many levels, flush with paving or grass or elevated to explore a view we can add steps and balustrades to make your new outdoor space unique to your garden.

At Icando Landscaping we pride ourselves in using only wood from sustainable forests. If you have a fire we can leave you the off cuts to burn. If not, we take them to be recycled. Our designs are optimised to have the minimal amount of waste.


The frame is the foundation to your deck. We build our frames using treated joist material (thicker than what’s currently used in new house builds). This is bolted and nailed using the best annular nails and galvanized bolts. The footings to support the frame are usually supported with concrete pads and the whole thing is built over a weed suppression membrane. This construction, although it seems like overkill, will support your deck and give it a lifetime exceeding that of most other decks.


In order to get the best value for money, we like to build using the longest lengths possible (fewer joints). We use 28 mm boards, no wider than 145 mm. This ensures less warping and keeps the deck looking newer for longer. The boards we use come from sustainable forests.


This is down to personal preference, some people like a solid rail whilst others want something more ornate. (A balustrade is recommended for decks over 50 cm from the ground). We have pictures to help you decide which one suits your deck.


All decks are left treated with a deck protector. This helps maintain the life of the wood and should be re-applied every couple of years, as well as giving the deck a good clean.

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Landscaping Services Garden Decking Poole Bournemouth Dorset

Landscaping Services Garden Decking Poole Bournemouth Dorset

Landscaping Services Garden Decking Poole Bournemouth Dorset