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Paving Natural Stone Paving Slabs
Paving Natural Stone Paving Slabs


Creating a new patio can be an exciting project. Whether you have an old patio that you want to rejuvenate or build a new one, here are a few ideas on how to choose the desried materials for your design.

Here are the main advantages of the most popular paving types so you can decide which is best suited to your needs.


Concrete is often the cheapest option for paving slabs and its appearance can go from a clean uniform finish to one intentionally mixed to create an authentic reproduction of fine antique paving flags from a bygone era.

You can also get textured concrete paving for a unique finish that looks great in any style of garden. However, concrete paving won’t last as long as natural stone or porcelain so make sure you seal them to protect from stains and algae.


The more traditional types of patio slabs are made from natural stone materials, such as granite, limestone and sandstone.

The huge variety of natural stone available makes it easy to find one that will suit the colours and style of your house.

Limestone paving brings a riven texture, with deep colours that slowly mellow over time, which is a lovely way to add a transformative dimension to your garden. You can seal the slabs to preserve the richer colour.

Slate patio slabs are available to suit contemporary or rustic settings, from smooth linear blue/grey slabs to complement a modern setting to vibrant riven rusty toned slabs that look fabulous in traditional country gardens.

Granite paving is sure to bring your space up to date with its smooth surface and neat, straight lined, contemporary edges.


The latest advancement in paving solutions is incredibly hard wearing, dirt repelling, porcelain paving.

These slabs are not made from stone but are a man made simulation of carved stone which is durable, extremely low maintenance  and frost and algae resistant. They come in a wide range of colours and styles. Porcelain slabs will not fade over time so they tend to be very long lasting and will stay looking clean for a much longer period.


Cobbles and Natural Stone Block Paving offer another paving solution. Due to their smaller size they are better suited to smaller paved areas such as driveways, courtyards and terraces.

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