Artificial grass (or artificial turf, fake grass and synthetic grass as it is also known) is becoming a popular alternative to the traditional real grass lawns, it is very low maintenance, no need for pesticides, mowing or watering. Artificial Grass is also very durable and ideal for landscape & leisure, heavy usage such as playgrounds and sport pitches. Synthetic Grass or Artificial Grass is a great alternative for areas where real grass struggles to grow, you can get a stunning manicured green lawn all year round. Ideal for people who suffer from hay fever and perfect for people with pets.


Artificial grass generally consists of three layers. A layer for drainage, a multi-layered backing in jute and then a layer of grass blades made from polyester or plastic.


Kaleidoscape Landscaping both supply and fit your artificial grass for you ensuring you are supplied with the best artificial grass service possible. We can lay both traditional, real grass and artificial grass, fake grass or synthetic grass. It depends on your requirements for the area you wish to turf over.

We are suppliers and installers of top quality artificial grass for the ultimate lavish, green, real grass look. Staying green throughout the seasons, your garden at its best.


Please note that artificial lawn needs maintenance too! Don't let anyone tell you different!
You'll need to brush it regularly and, over time, you'll get some small weeds that can be brushed off with a hard broom.

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Artificial grass turf lawn
Artificial grass turf lawn
Artificial turf lawn fake grass