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Landscape Gardener – Join Our Busy Local Team

Kaleidoscape Landscaping Ltd is currently in the process of expanding the landscape gardener business as it continues to thrive in the local area and successfully creates beautifully landcaped gardens that exceed client’s expectations.

We are looking for new and enthusiastic people to join our team and help provide an on going level of service to our clients that has grown our trusted reputation to what is is today. The time of year for residents to improve their gardens is already upon us and we need people with landscape gardener skills who possess the confidence and ability to perform duties such as laying slabs correctly, setting up levels, screeding for block paving, laying decking, putting up fences etc.

You will also need to have the robustness to cope with the physical demands invlovled with the projects you will be expected to undertake and a keen eye for detail to provide results that are as close to perfection as possible. At Kaleidoscape, good enough is never good enough!

Matt is the company owner of Kaleidoscape Landscaping Ltd that makes the hard work happen and Ethan is the long standing project lead. The beauty and the brains, the blood, sweat and, sometimes literally, the tears. It’s always good for people to see who’s behind the company so here we are.

If you’re interested in joining the Kaleidoscape team, please contact Matt on 07878 756022.

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